For Beginners

Many of those who are just beginning to be interested in leopard geckos are at first surprised and intimidated by the enormous variety of available colours and prices. We dedicate the following text to them to allow them to get their bearings back more easily:

There are differences in price for every colour and marking. The reason for this is that young animals of one morph can differ widely in quality. The more intense the colour or the marking, the more valuable (especially for breeding) the animal will be. A serious breeder should be able to explain to you the reasons for the differences in price of his animals.

If you only want your geckos to be pets (that is, a single male or a group of females) you will be perfectly satisfied by the cheaper “low end” animals, for they will also make for perfect pets.

Should you, however, intend to breed, you should think deeply about investing into high-valued animals as you can expect better results from them. Please keep also in mind that animals old enough for breeding or proven breeders are more expensive than young animals because they have to be brought up for a longer period of time which means a higher cost for the breeder. The first type of animals will be easier for you to judge on as beginner as they will probably not change their colours much anymore.

Another aspect is the fact that not only the quality of the animals themselves is a variable of which the price consists. There is also the way of how the animals are kept, especially the young ones. The first weeks and months in the life of a young leopard gecko are essential – especially when it comes to its health -, therefore species-appropriate and high quality upbringing are imperative!

Detailed information about how we raise our animals can be found on our pages and our “Dragoon Gecko Price Policy”. We of Dragoon Gecko take great pains to grade the prices of our offspring by international quality features, while aiming to offer a great variety to our customers.

Should you have any questions pertaining to the prices of certain animals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will gladly advise you on the topic in more detail





At Dragoon Gecko we raise leopard geckos with knowledge and experience. We take our responsibility as breeders seriously and take every effort to raise our breeding to the highest attainable level:

    • Our breeding stock is monitored by a vet specialized on reptiles and checked for parasites and cryptosporidiae on a regular basis. The animals coming in are put under quarantine for three months, including repeated examinations for parasites. The medical care of our geckos per year alone exceeds what we gain by selling the offspring per season.
    • We take great care to feed our geckos a healthy and varied diet and only use high-value vitamins such as Korvimin ZVT+ Reptil.
    • Furthermore, we take great pains to ensure hygiene: we use gloves and disinfectant.
    • As students of veterinary medicine, we use all opportunities to further our education in the fields of breeding and genetics and try to incorporate the newest research results into our work.
    • We can prove the attendance of symposia and seminars in writing!
    • We work on selectively breeding our morphs and try to refine our lines in the course of several years. However, we consciously refuse to follow the newest trend of wildly crossing various morphs just for selling the crosses. We do know our animals and their genetic material and feel responsible for letting you, our customer, know what you will get.
    • By outcrossing as much as possible we try to keep the gene pool of our breeding stock as large as possible. We try to avoid inbreeding whenever possible; instead we try to cross in foreign blood lines of high quality. Additionally, we will only include animals with good character, good anatomy and fertility into our breeding.
    • If an animal does not meet the standards, it will immediately be excluded and only be kept as a pet – even if this might be expensive! Our highest priority lies in offering you healthy and strong offspring at any time!
    • Upon request, every Dragoon Gecko leaves our breeding stock with a pedigree and a care sheet which contains useful information for you. We know and love every one of our animals and therefore try to pass on as much as possible to its new owner.

This is our philosophy to which we can only adhere if we put quality above quantity and sell our offspring at a price which allows us to furthermore offer healthy and strong offspring to our customers. Otherwise, we would be forced to save money which would have adverse effects on our animals. We could not ensure a healthy breeding stock.

The prices of our offspring are graduated according to certain quality standards, so that you can find a big amount of different geckos in different price classes with us.

As there appear more and more health problems because of dubious mass breeding, it is paramount to select a good breeder!
Breeders selling their offspring to anyone and at a price far below market value have to save money elsewhere which might yield terrible results: the quality of breeding animals, raising the animals, specialist knowledge and safety of the offspring.

Consider thoroughly before deciding for a pet you might be sorry for later. Buying a gecko is a matter of trust and oftentimes, a bargain turned out to be a money pit later on.

If you want to enjoy your animals for a long time or are looking for fitting breeding animals, you should keep in mind what we have found to be true in our experience: You will only get out of it what you are willing to invest in it.

Enjoy your new animals!

Yours faithfully,

The Dragoon Gecko Team