Constant further education at seminars and conferences


In the frame of our hobby we highly value extensive medical and genetic knowledge:

For us, regular and voluntary continuing education at seminars and conferences organized by well-renowned instituions in the fields of genetic, breeding, exotic animals and the medical care for reptiles is a very important aspect.

By attending them, we aim to further our knowledge in order to provide you with better educational service as breeders. Should you wish for it, we can prove our attendance in writing at any time!

Genetic Research and extensive Consultation


In our hobby breeding we aim to be up-to-date about the mutations we work with. To reach this goal, we do extensive research about the background of our lines. Parallel to this we continuously stay contact with experts for genetics and reptiles as well as other breeders.

Furthermore, we meticulously document the development of our lines and are therefore able to counsel our new gecko owners in detail about the genetic heredity of our breed as well as the genetic potential of specific (breeding) animals.

Small Breed for the Wellbeing of every single Animal


We do breed in a small amount, and lay our focus on the wellbeing of the individual wellbeing of every gecko in our collection.

As such, we breed on a small hobbyist scale and aim to keep in mind the needs of the individual animal. Thus, our breeding animals have the chance for a long hibernation period and are used in breeding with great care:

Oftentimes we will only incubate a few eggs of the rare morphs to avoid glutting the pet market and our females are usually separated early from the males to avoid exhausting them. Parallel to this we allow breaks as well as years without breeding to every animal.

As a consequence we offer only little offspring per year compared to the size of our breeding collection. Should you be interested in one of our offspring, please do not hesitate to contact us ahead of time!


Early Social Imprinting of our Offspring

We at Dragoon Gecko intentionally take our time in socializing our offspring and getting them used to being handled by humans. Thus, the majority of our young geckos can be touched at a relatively early point in time. The new owners of our offspring do value the highly trusting manner our geckos display!

Breeding according to anatomical and health traits


As many breeders breed exclusively according to certain phenotypes (the “look”), we have always wanted to set a counterpole. It makes us very happy to see, though, that we have been able to point this aspect out to several of our colleagues and inspire them to also go in this direction.

Our breeding program focuses on an anatomically correct and freely movable build with enough physical substance and bone density. Additionally, we focus on strict selection according to the criteria of fertility and good character: We do not use aggressive or extremely shy animals for breeding!

Of course, there are also other, equally important factors pertaining to our breeding which makes us plan every mating a long time in advance and with the utmost care. “Accidents” do not happen. Every gecko leaving our breeding stock is thus the result of careful advance planning!

Maintenance and Rebuilding of rare Bloodlines


We at Dragoon Gecko do not only breed various colours, but we also work with their genetics! This shows in us aiming to maintain rare bloodlines, consolidate polygenetic inheritance and improve the quality of already existing mutations.

For this we use a tailor-made breeding systems as well as meticulous documentation of all data pertaining to our breeding results.

The results until now prove us right: We were able to raise various quite difficult projects in the field of genetics (e.g. “Lavender” and “Four Eyed”) to a higher level. Furthermore, some of our offspring as well as our work at our “Four Eyed” line was featured in the book “Il Geco Leopardino”.

Limited Number of Trade Fairs


To spare our animals the stress of being transported, we can only be found at few trade fairs and prefer to find fitting new owners for our offspring via personal requests or our web page. This ensures that we have enough time to assess the potential new caretaker and prevent rash actions.

Lifelong contact and Getting to Know you before giving away an Animal


We are there for our new gecko "parents" – for a whole gecko life! Staying in contact with you and hearing about the new life of our animals and their offspring makes us happy, so don’t hesitate to write to us every now and then!

If you plan to get one of our animals, we would like to get to know you a little bit in order to find out if you know enough about taking good care of your new pet/breeding animal and which animals best meet your needs and requirements.

We believe that one should think as carefully about getting a leopard gecko as about adding a new dog or cat in our home from a responsible breeder. After all, it is your decision for or against a living being with a distinct personality and therefore you should really take your time with it.

We from Dragoon Gecko will support your decision process and will do our best do advise you honestly. We will try to find out your personal wishes to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable with us and your decision.

As responsible hobby breeders we want our offspring to come to new and responsible owners – people who understand what they are holding in their hands and know how to treat their new animals. People who will enjoy their animals for as long as it lives.

We hope that you will now have an impression of how we work “backstage”.

If you have any indeas and comments please do not hesitate to let us know!

Yours faithfully,

The Dragoon Gecko Team