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Welcome at the Dragoon Gecko learning center!

The following articles on this site serve the knowledge transfer and the support of seriously interested keepers and breeders of leopardgeckos. It will be extended in the future depending on our time, and will contain helpful articles for beginners, aswell as new or already published Articles to different advanced topics in breeding, health, ethics, genetics etc.

Furthermore, you can find links to some of our short video tutorials here in the near future. Please support our work on this site by respecting our copyright, and do not use any of our texts and contents without getting our written permission in advance. We reserve the right to punish legally any copyright infringement and theft on our intellectual property.
In order to make these sites as informative as possible for both advanced and beginners, we depend on and are asking for your active support: please send us an email with the themes and questions you feel are not written in any leopardgecko book, and you would like to know more about.

We would love to hear your Feedback and your ideas to make this site a great one!

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