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Warranty and Disclaimer

The current legal situation states that private sellers have to give their customers a warranty over 2 years on their articles if they do not expressly distance themselves from it. As our leopard geckos are living animals, we cannot offer such a warranty and therefore have to distance ourselves from this law. Since leopard geckos are living animals, any liability for not apparent and hidden, unrecognized disease or defects is explicitly excluded. Being private hobby breeders, the health of our animals as well as your satisfaction is very important to us:

We try to advise you thoroughly before you buy one of our animals. All animals offered for sales are healthy and well-fed at the time of delivery. Should you nevertheless not be satisfied with your new animal, please let us know within 24 hours upon receiving it. In this case, attach quality photos and an exact description of the problem, and we will try our best to find a satisfactory solution for you.

The new owner at the time of his acquisition of a new leopard gecko is fully aware that he gets a live animal, which in the course of his life can individually develop and that in this development, many factors can be involved. For this reason we ask for your understanding that we can not accept any liability after the 24-hour period for any other changes of our animals (including color change, occurring possibly later diseases and possible future unfitness for breeding). This is especially true for young animals, because their potential can not be predicted always 100% even by the most experienced breeders. This explicitly also includes any juvenile geckos (age under 12 months) that was payed by the new Gecko Owner, and at his request remains under our care for a certain period of time until a later transfer (eg a Hamm show)! Because of the fact that we offer this service for free (and therefore cover the costs for caring and housing), and because of the fact that a young gecko can change at the time under our care in just the same way as he would change under the new owners' care in the event of an immediate purchase and transport, the right to return your gecko or refund the purchase price is excluded! In extreme cases however, we might be willing to offer you either a replacement animal or a voucher for the upcoming season in exchange for your actual gecko. Any additional transportation costs will be covered by the buyer (although we usually can offer you free delivery to a Hamm show, and a little voluntary compensation for your shipping costs in case you are not from europe).

It also applies to all animals that we ourselves originally purchased for our breeding program and who are born and raised at other breeders . If there are problems with the latter , we kindly ask you to get contact directly with the original breeders in question.

We ask our future gecko owners expressly to inform themselves in detail about the future (color) development in leopardgeckos and the qualitative differences within a morph ( high end vs. low end ) before buying a leopard gecko. Many information can already be found on our pages, or on the Internet . If in doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you to our best knowledge and experience . For any dissatisfaction after a purchase , arising from lack of knowledge of the morph or the line , or simply coming from the fact that you purchased a brand new morph where not many informations are avaliable at the time of the purchase, we can not and will not accept any liability . We expect that our new Gecko owners are fully aware at the time of their purchase that they obtain a living being and not a machine with a 100% guarantee.

Therefore, we assume that any person when buying a leopard gecko from us should be clear about the fact that not every (young) animal is later also suitable for further breeding. Breeders, future breeders and any person who does not want to take this (although small) risk, is recommend to choose and get one of our adult animals or our "proven breeders".

We also include a warranty obligation for any possibly unknown recessive genes in the genome of our geckos explicitly. Dragoon Gecko strives, like all reputable breeders to keep his gene pool clear and transparent as possible. However, without a gene test there is currently no 100% save method to guarantee the absence of a specific gene (f.ex. albino, patternless, etc.). We do purchase our breeding stock exclusively from the jmost reputable sources and of experienced, recognized breeders onlwy. Furthermore, we carry within our means and capacities repeatedly test crosses with individual animals through. However, we can (like any genetically savvy breeders worldwide) While granting a high probability, but not 100% term warranty on the genetics of each individual of our breeding animals - in particular by the fact that females are test crossed by their biological reproduction rate her immense difficulties in convincing Dimensions be able. In this respect, we refer to our principle lines rather than 100% "non het." Etc. If we name one of our lines as "pure line" call (eg Electric, Hyglo, etc.), we mean that these animals are 100% directly from the Original breeders come, and no "foreign blood" by us or third was crossed. The term "pure line" refers to our breeding therefore solely on the genetic origin of the line, and not on any existing or non-existing recessive genes. We strive always, parallel to our own test crosses to learn as much as possible about the genetic background of our animals. Here we are of course dependent on the cooperation and honesty of those breeders who come our animals.

As in dogs and cats can also purchase a leopard gecko neither by the breeder are still guaranteed by the owner that the animal never ill in the course of his long life . Therefore, each new owner as with other pets should take into account any follow- usual costs because they can not be borne by the breeders. We strive in our breeding always to produce healthy and fertile animals - but also the most passionate and experienced breeder is subject to a certain genetic arbitrariness and no clairvoyant ;-) . For this reason, we can , as well as internationally in most common breeders (dogs, cats , etc. ) , give you no liability for not apparent and previously unrecognized diseases and defects assume.

Sexing and incubated gender

 A safe and guaranteed sexing is also for the most experienced breeders only possible after a certain age and a certain size of the animal.We expressly point out that we can not guarantee the (later) sex of any sold juvenile animal. The new owner agrees on the purchase of young animals up to the age of 12 months that despite best knowledge and belief the sex of the animal purchased is not guaranteed. Replacement benefits are granted only for adult animals and proven breeders ( min. 12 months of age ) .


Only in advance payed animals are dispatched with us . The animals remain our property until we receive the full sum . All our prices are in Euro .

Animal Welfare

The welfare of the animal as well as the welfare of the same part of the buyer is a fundamental prerequisite for the conclusion of the contract . We reserve the right to withdraw from the purchase , if we should think that important factors for the future well-being of our animals has been withheld , or we get the impression that the buyer is not ready with his knowledge to keep and care for the animals humanely.

Payments and Reservations

Mandatory reservations can be done against a deposit of 25% - 50% of the purchase price. A repayment of the sum is not possible, as these will be retained in case of cancellation as a processing fee for resulting food and other additional costs (medical costs etc.) . This is especially true for all animals which are payed or partially payed in advance for a later delivery at a reptile show (such as the Hamm show): The future Gecko Owner hereby acknowledges that he alone is responsible for ensuring that his animals are payed in full until at least 2 weeks prior to a show completely, and that we as the breeders are contact by the buyer  himself and independently to give us the opportunity to organize a transport. Animals that are not fully paid until 14 days before a show and / or where the buyer failed to contact us in time can not be shipped. The resulting expenses incurred shall be borne by the buyer alone.

Thus, we want to prevent impulse purchases, and ensure that our animals are not acquired inconsiderate. Reservations without deposit are only by prior arrangement and for a period of max. 2 days possible. After that reservation by us without notice to the parties concerned will be canceled.


Any representation or warranty of any kind of information and coaching on the part Dragoon Gecko , either express or implied , is excluded . Etc. Dragoon Gecko`s information on breeding , welfare and health Leopard geckos are based on years of experience and are passed on to the best of its knowledge and belief . Even if we assume and strive to ensure that the information provided by us is correct, inaccuracies or errors can not be ruled out , unfortunately , especially as it concerns live animals .

Shipping and Transport

The shipment of our geckos is exclusively done via a specialized animal transport company : The animals are picked up in person with us and transported to Germany and Austria within 24 hours to you . In the event that we agree to provide you a free delivery (ie, personal delivery) to of your geckos on a reptile show (eg Hamm ) , we hereby rule out a handover guarantee in case of sudden illness expressly ! We are private breeders without staff , and therefore kindly ask for your understanding that we possibly can to illness in exceptional cases do not appear on the appointed show personally ( although we always try our very best ! ) . In this case, we will of course try everything in our power for a quick and easy solution, meaning a safe transportation to the agreed transfer location by a third party. Should this option not be possible for us , we will gladly continue to care for the animals without any charges for you until the next possible show ( with a maximum caretime of  3 months unless otherwise agreed in writing ). Any refunds on the basis on a failed delivery to a show in case of illness is clearly excluded- we will always try our very best to get your gecko save to your home!

International orders usually take longer , and may be made generally in the months of March , September and December of each year against prior consultation . Please contact this time with us and pay close attention to the rules under the menu point "Payments and Reservation" !