Genetic Coaching

Usually it all starts with a dream: You want to build or chance your own breeding stock and have a vision of the future. It is my mission – and the true secret behind good and successful breeding - to turn these dreams into reality within a realistic timeframe.

Every Gecko is different – Breeders are, too!

This simple truth also contains the real problem of many (aspiring) breeders: It is hard to find someone who can give you well-founded and tailor-made advice in this field. As this requires a very time-intensive analysis as well as a lot of in-detail and well-structured planning, it is not possible to deal with this with a standard e-mail. We, too, were confronted with this problem many years ago when beginning to breed.

Our motto says: Incubating geckos is easy. Refining their health and overall quality is an art

When we began breeding we quickly realised that much of that which is needed for proper breeding management is based on experience and a lot of intense observation.

Therefore I would like to offer you my experience as an aspiring vet and breeder in the field of breeding and genetics. I can support you exactly where you need it, from project counselling to planning ahead.

Having success with good offspring is deeply connected to the breeder’s particular know-how: Many essential discoveries only come up after one has thoroughly studied all relevant topics and obtained a certain “gut feeling” after years of breeding experience. At Dragoon Gecko, we have acquired this knowledge in the course of many years by working hard and diligently – now it can help you to breeding your own healthy and good-looking geckos in the future.

Do you have a problem with your breeding or want to improve yourself?

You are just beginning to breed and want a good start into business?

Contact me with your goals, and I'll do my best to support you in reaching it :-).

Yours faithfully,

Rebecca Hassler